At White Orchid Retreats we strive to bring you the very best team of professionals to help you on your journey!

Introducing Dr Heidi Douglass - Clinical Psychologist, Rachel Scriven - Registered Dietician, Kirsten Taylor - Sleep and Wellness Specialist, Shadan Conradie - Image Consultant / Style and Confidence Coach, Jemma McLoughlin - Life Coach, Consultant and Facilitator, Patrizia Campi - Personal Trainer, Fitness- Pilates and Dance teacher, Trish Walker - Beauty Therapist and Rochelle Long - Beauty Therapist. 

Dr Heidi Douglass - Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Heidi Douglass is a registered Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the field conducting research and treating a broad range of mental health conditions in New Zealand and the USA.
Weight management is complex.  For 2.5 years, Dr. Heidi treated obesity, full time, for the public health service in Hamilton.   She has continued this work in her private practice using scientifically proven, evidence-based approaches to weight management. Psychologists are experts in behaviour change and can identify emotional issues, such as anxiety and low mood, that can hinder the weight loss process. By utilising a range of effective behaviour change techniques, I create step by step plans to achieve targeted goals.
Dr. Heidi developed the Introduction to Mindful Eating 3-hour workshop in partnership with “Mindfulness Works”: the largest provider of mindfulness courses in New Zealand & Australia. Dr. Heidi has been their Mindful Eating Program Coordinator and Lead Trainer since 2015.
In her 50’s, Dr. Heidi became certified as a Yoga Teacher (RYT500) and is also certified in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Institute in the USA.

Rachel Scrivin
MSc PG Dip Diet (Dist.), BCApSc, BPhEd, AdvSD, NZRD

​Hi, I am a New Zealand Registered Dietitian (NZRD) and Advanced Sports Dietitian, accredited with Sports Dietitians Australia. I have over 22 years’ experience working with high performance athletes, weekend warriors, and people wanting reliable, evidence based nutrition information. I have worked as a senior Clinical Dietitian in both New Zealand and London hospitals, as a contractor for ACC, and recently for nearly 6 years, as Head of Nutrition and Dietetics for the UAE armed forces (Abu Dhabi).
In addition to being a qualified Dietitian, I am ISAK (International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry) accredited technician, so I can offer accurate body composition analysis.
I have been a fitness instructor for over 25 years in addition to being a competitive squash player for most of my life, so I understand how nutrition fuels your body to enhance your performance.

Kirsten Taylor - Sleep and Wellness Specialist
Diploma in Naturopathy, Diploma in Herbalism, Diploma in Nutrition

I am mad about sleep, getting people to sleep, improving sleep and making super cool sleep formulations that make people’s lives better. 
I wasn’t always a such sleep enthusiast but after being in my Naturopathic clinic for 7 years I couldn’t deny the irrefutable evidence that not sleeping impacts on every single body system. We all know that now because the science has caught up and everyone is going on about it – which is a very good thing. For me, discovering that sleep is so important, early on and focusing on it so that I can positively impact on every aspect of people’s lives drives me to keep going. I LOVE helping people be healthier and happier. 

Jemma McLoughlin - Life Coach, Consultant and Facilitator
BSc Psychology

Hi I'm Jemma, experienced Life Coach, Consultant and Facilitator based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. I have been coaching for more than 10 years and worked successfully with hundreds of clients internationally.  From a young age I was fascinated by people and their behaviour, I wanted to understand why people behaved in certain ways and why people make certain choices in life. 
My academic study of psychology broadened my knowledge and understanding of the human mind and behavior. Since then I have inspired, motivated and supported hundreds of people throughout my career to achieve their goals and potential.
My decision to become a life coach was a natural progression from previous roles to make a difference, add value and assist others to achieve their very best. I have a special interest in helping people live life to the full, to be healthy in their body and mind.
My intention for all my clients is to achieve significant positive and permanent results and to create lasting change.

Shadan Conradie - Image Consultant / Style and Confidence Coach

Promoting body confidence, healthy self image and female empowerment through professional fashion, beauty and lifestyle solutions because life's too short not too look and feel fabulous every. . . single. . . day
​I'm a professionally trained and internationally certified Image Consultant / Style and Confidence Coach. By utilising fashion, styling and beauty as a catalyst for personal growth, through inspirational style sessions and workshops, I endeavour to lead and encourage women on a journey of self acceptance, discovering inner and outer confidence and a feeling of empowerment.
​I work with women to inspire positive body image and to cultivate an authentic sense of style and elevated confidence through simplified styling practices, fashion ideas and increased beauty know-how.

Styling Workshop : Get style savvy and discover how to rock your shape, dress with confidence and style with ease.  Shadan gives you the tools to immediately improve your style and gain new-found confidence during an inspiring interactive workshop.

Beauty Workshop : Simplify your daily makeup routine with easy to follow makeup application tips and ideas.  Discover how to draw attention to your best features, how to chose flattering colours and how to create various looks.

Colour Workshop :  EVERYBODY knows that your "best" colours can have a hugely positive effect not only on how you look, but how you feel.  But the truth is you CAN wear ANY hue, even if you've been told that it's a colour you should avoid.  Learn why colour is so important and how to incorporate ANY colour into your outfit and still look fabulous, during this two hour interactive group workshop with Shadan.

Patrizia Campi - Personal Trainer, Fitness- Pilates and Dance teacher​

Hi, my name is Patrizia Campi (founder of Total Body Solutions). I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness- Pilates and Dance teacher with extensive experience in teaching within the Health and Fitness industry.
 Previously I’ve graduated as a medical assistant in Switzerland. During that time I’ve met lots of unwell patients. This has clearly showed me how many people are not aware of the connection between: a healthy body & mind, exercising and nutritious “fuel”.
 Having a stronger, fitter, mobile and more flexible body, losing or gaining weight will make you so much more alive!
 If I’m not teaching, I’m training myself or eating nutritious food to recharge. This has become my lifestyle and I’m passionate about supporting you with a new, fun routine that eventually becomes your new lifestyle.

Trichelle Walker - Beauty Therapist

Hi I’m Trish 
A fully qualified, professional beauty therapist. Having worked in some amazing salons with a variety of top of the line skin-care ranges I have a passion for treatments that make you look and feel fantastic. 
Also having travelled the world experiencing different treatments and products learning techniques and tips along the way. 
I specialise in beauty treatments of both the face and body that will leave you feeling totally relaxed, refreshed and revitalised. 
I’m looking forward to working along side other Heath professionals, helping woman on their journey to their weight loss and wellness goals. 

Rochelle Long - Beauty Therapist

Hi, I love building relationships and enjoy giving my clients my full attention and make them feel better about themselves in the treatments that are offered
I have experience working with people across all cultures, ethnicities, social sectors without prejudice and possess a kind, caring, considerate nature with a genuine attitude. 

Introducing our three gorgeous facilitators, Julie, Jodie and Toni ....

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